Welcome to Resolute Networks!

We provide unique, custom-coded gameservers, enjoyed with a great friendly community!

About Resolute

About Resolute Networks

Resolute Networks is a new community that has recently arrived at the scene of Garry's Mod. It consists of friendly but experienced players alongside a team of hard-working developers to ensure that we keep up to date with the content that we provide ensuring that you get the best performance possible out of out servers to maximise your gaming experience. We often like to all chit-chat and chill upon our forums, which you can be directed to at the top of our homepage.


Both our staff, developers and even the players have lots of experience with what they do.


Our servers are secure and well-protected, don't worry; you're safe with us.


Our servers are unique and have many features that are unseen on Garry's Mod servers before, making the experience much more innovative.

Community Statistics

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Our gameservers

We provide a variety of different gameservers, currently upon Garry's Mod, but we plan to expand much further!


A semi-serious to serious starwars server based upon a Republic Venator, ready for deployment.

Clonewars Events

The server dedicated to the Clonewars server events, normally amongst different planets.


An modern, urban themed city experience with many possibilities and opportunities to progress in the City with it's harsh economy.

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