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VisionRoleplay Clonewars Rules!

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Most recent rule update: Updated a FearRP subsection in Rules Section 2

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Section 1: General Gameplay Rules

General Rules:
1.1- An admin's decision is absolutely final, that's that.
1.2- No homophobic, racist, sexist or generally offensive language.
1.3- No metagame (using OOC material for IC purposes (exception, using Server warnings as a way to punish individuals appropriately)).
1.4- Attempted RDM/RDM will NOT be tolerated and will result in a FailRP warning.
1.5- Never randomly shoot your weapon, there needs to be a reason for doing so.
1.6- Advertising is unacceptable, it won't be tolerated in any way/shape/form, and will result in a permanent ban.
1.7- When asking for an admin with the @ command, provide sufficient information.
1.8- No disrespect within OOC.
1.9- Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits are not allowed, they will result in a permanent ban.
1.10- FailRP is not tolerated.
1.11- Minging and / or trolling will result in a heavy punishment. (depending on severity)
1.12- You are strictly forbidden to use sprays (ooc areas are exceptional).
1.13- You are not allowed to harass other players in an OOC manner (e.g. continuously disrespecting a player, ruining his experience on the server).

Section 2: Clone Wars Roleplaying Rules

General Roleplaying Rules:
1.1- Stay in character at all times, unless in an OOC area.
1.2- You must listen to your Commanding Officer at all times.
1.3- Do not abuse /comms, e.g do not overuse it, nor pointlessly advert OOC things.
1.4- Within an event, you can die multiple times, unless the EM decides to make a death limit.
1.5- For actions used in RP, use /me (e.g /me bows in honor.)
1.6- During a mission ordered by your commander, do not go off-task.
1.7- You cannot just go rogue for the hell of it, nor rebel or anything that creates the excuse to RDM.
1.8- If a Jedi is fighting a Sith/Event enemy, DO NOT SHOOT into them.
1.9- The majority of the Jedi Council must be present to start a vote within the council.
1.10- RP hours will commence once there are 15 players or more.

Regiment Rules:
2.1- You may not hop regiments, if you join one regiment, you stay within that regiment for at LEAST 5 days before changing to avoid serious confusion.
2.2- A trooper cannot be promoted within 24 hours of initially joining a regiment.
2.3- To be officially promoted in a regiment to the next rank, you MUST verify it with your Commander.
2.4- A Commander may promote his troopers whenever he sees fit, however he must consult with his fleet supervisor if this promotion skips more than 2 ranks.
2.5- When you join a regiment, you agree to take orders that you will ALWAYS follow by the higher rankings within the regiment.
2.6- A regiment may only host a tryout once every 3 hours.

Equipment Rules:
3.1a- Jet Packs may only be used during trainings, events and other occasions with permission. Jet Packs should only be used for short distances.
3.1b- You are responsible for your jetpack. This means if you must find a concealed area to remove your jet pack. If someone steals your jetpack it is your responsibility and can result in you losing it.
3.1c- Do not edit your jet pack's properties via C Menu. You can only use the C Menu to remove the jet pack off your character.
3.2- Grappling hooks may only be used during trainings, events and other occasions with permission.
3.3- Active Camouflage can be used indefinitely, however if an EMP device or been shot while cloaked, you can not use it for the rest of the event.
3.4- First aid kits can only be used on anyone if they have the maximum HP of 150 HP (along with the Medical RP), to then heal them back up to there respective job HP limit.
3.5- Anyone apart from Event Characters can be tazed/stunned/arrested.

Piloting Rules:
4.1- You need to be officially flight certified.
4.2- You require permission to both: take off and land.
4.3- As a LAAT pilot you are not allowed to engage in aerial combat unless told so.
4.4- When flying out you must always close the ship's doors.

FearRP Rules:
5.1You must play by FearRP. 
5.2- Failing to comply with FearRP means that you are agreeing to change your roleplaying character upon death (Changing your RP name). 
5.3- Lore Characters must always comply with any type of FearRP situation.

FearRP Presets: Click Here To Read

Jedi Rules:
Refer to the Jedi Megathread:

Event Rules:
Refer to the Event Rules Thread:

Section 3: Definitions (Clone Wars Terms)

FailRP Definition
FailRP is when you do not follow the roleplay rules of your job or otherwise do something excessively unrealistic.
Assisting an Enemy to escape prison as a Clone Trooper.
Disobeying orders from higher ranking officers.
Standing and sitting on players
Shooting/killing another Clone as a Clone (unless it’s an execution ordered by High Fleet).

Metagaming Definition
Meta-Gaming means using OUT-OF-CHARACTER resources to influence IN-CHARACTER decisions.
Someone on the Leaderboard (TAB Menu) is named “Count Dooku”; then you decide to report in “/comms” that Count Dooku is in the area as a Clone Trooper (except for Jedi where they can “sense a dark presence” of a sith).
Asking where somebody is in the OOC (OUT-OF-CHARACTER Chat).
Using the speech button as a proximity detector (this, however, can be used if a Jedi is sensing a living being).

RDA Definition
RDA is when you randomly arrest/attempt to arrest someone, without a valid reason.
The only way you can arrest someone is if an Officer (LT+) calls an “AOS” (Arrest on Sight) with a VALID reason.

RDM Definition
RDM is when you attack/kill/attempt to kill another player without a realistic RP reason.
Examples of Valid Kills:
When ordered to by Fleet (e.g. via Execution).
Objective to kill hostiles infiltrating friendly premises (as part of an event).
Examples of Invalid Kills:
When you are a Clone Trooper, and another Clone Trooper insults you (whether it is In-Character or Out-Of-Character), you shoot him (“never shoot a brother”).
A Republic Bounty Hunter uses a Jetpack without permission, you shoot him.

FearRP Definition
FearRP, is the concept that your character is afraid/not willing to die. Mostly meaning you will comply with whoever is threatening you. FearRP can combine together with the FailRP rule depending on the situation.
A enemy Bounty Hunter catches you off guard by putting a gun behind you telling you to “drop the weapon”. You cannot: run, turn on him and kill him 
When You/A Small Squad does not retreat from an overwhelming swarm of battle droids ahead.

Section 4: Staff Rules

Staff Rules:
1.1- All staff are treated like players, so if you break a rule you will get punished depending on the severity.
1.1b- As a staff you cannot break our server rules.
1.2- Before teleporting make sure you cloak yourself.
1.3- Holster your Physgun while being cloaked. This is to prevent your physgun orb from showing.
1.4a- Events will only be done/planned by Admins+, however if there is an event manager assigned- then the rest of the staff can only do minor events(NO! planetaries)
1.4b- All Planetary Events have to be run through The Event Manager(s) or the Owners. Failure to do so will result in the event being immediately cancelled and being banned from planning them in the future. If Staff (excluding those mentioned) do this, they may receive punishment.
1.5- Be respectful and friendly, we treat our players like they are our guests, this also counts for fellow staff members.
1.6- Make sure every trainee gets trained.
1.7- Staff may NOT use any donation classes if they have not paid for them. This includes all donation classes from Padawan to General, and all VIP classes.
1.8- Do not use the staff on duty job for roleplaying purposes. (It is meant for moderation purposes)
1.9a- As Staff on Duty, you must aim to answer any help requests via the @ command.
1.9b- There must be at least 1 Staff on Duty every 15 Players on the server.
1.10a- Staff need to help in events.
1.10b- This does not mean every single event, this means every now and again as Event Managers cannot manage a mass player event on their own.
1.11- You MUST put a valid ban/kick reason at all times.
1.12- All staff members must have their forum and Teamspeak names as their actual staff name.
1.13- As a staff member you may not give yourself more equipment than what your job has to offer. E.g. hand grenades for a trooper job.

Section 5: PAC 3 Rules

PAC 3 Rules:
1.1- Full body model changes/material changes are COMPLETELY banned.
1.2- You may not use PAC 3 in any way that breaks/conflicts with previous rules e.g. Disrespectful PACs such as Nazi Salutes and using the camera to gain the information you are not aware of IC/Serverwise.
1.3- The limit for props on a PAC 3 is 4 Props anymore will result in the removal of you PAC 3 Privileges if you fail to comply.
1.4- Effects, Trails and Sounds are banned.
1.5- Any non-Star Wars/unrelated PACs are not allowed, e.g. scrap battle armour, etc.
1.6- Any Loopholes to the PAC 3 rules will be judged by staff and consequently will involve punishment.
1.7- Simple animations such as helmet removal and salutes are fine, anything extreme is not allowed such as flips etc.
1.8- Only Fleet may change their species via changing the head, this counts towards the 4 Prop Limit.

Section 6: Teamspeak Rules
General Rules
1. Racism, homophobic, sexist or general offensive comments/language is not tolerated on any level. (This includes names, avatars and descriptions)
2. Harassment whether it be via message/voice chat, pokes, private messages, names or descriptions is a bannable offence.
3. Advertising is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated in any way/shape/form, and will result in a permanent ban.
4. Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits are not allowed, they will result in a permanent ban.
5. Metagaming is strictly forbidden.
6. Avatars that are considered sexual or pornographic will be met with a ban.
7. Spamming pokes or messages is not allowed.
8. Changing channel or person(s) description without consent is not tolerated.

Additional general rules
- Please respect that others use this Teamspeak as well as you.
- VIP and channel groups are given as a privilege, not a right and can be taken away at any time.
- Sending a message that could be considered a joke to a friend, may be taken out of context and be reported. (send these messages at your own risk)


Rules may change at any time without notice, and check frequently to avoid confusion on breaking a changed rule, you are expected to be aware of all rules, so "I didn't know it changed" is not an excuse; any questions that are needed to be asked, contact a moderator or above via our Teamspeak Server ( )
Updated- 25/08/15

Rule-2.9, 3.2
fuck off kieran
Updated- 25/08/15

Rule-3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
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Updated - 17/09/15

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Updated - 04/10/15

4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4
Updated - 29/10/15

Rule-5.5 (Category addition of In-Game Additional)
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Updated - 21/11/15

Rule-5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 6.0

(Jedi Combat and duelling rules)
UPDATED - 29/01/2016

Rules - 4.7, 4.8, 5.10

(Additional Event rules and a Fleet rule)
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UPDATED - 29/01/2016

Rules - 5.10

(Modified rule - Now applies to all high ranks)
Updated - 20/02/2016

Rules - 1.12

(Ranking System)
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