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[IM] Mission Brief - Operation: Scraphead

Start of Transmission.

"Brrrzzztt.. I am.. Anything.. You filthy, scrappy, nerfherder!.. I would sooner die for the Empire then be a slave to the likes of you!.."

End of Transmission.

At 08:00 PM this morning, the Executor picked this up while on a routine patrol of the sector which harbors Tattoine, more closely the region also known as the Dune Sea. We have had diffrent, smaller patrolls looking through the areas for resistance or pirates, but so far we have come up empty. This time however, we hit something. One of our forward patrols have managed to send this message, along with an insignia. Imperial intelligence has decoded this insignia and determinied that it belongs to the Crymorah Syndicate.

Now, not much is known about the syndicate, more then that they do not only work with humanoids, but they have also managed to come over a large stash of Clone War Era Droids. This batallion that they have managed to reactivate poses a serious threat to the stability of many of the ships we currently have in this sector, should they so choose to attack us, and if we dont strike first, I belive that they will see this as an oppurtunity and strike out against us instead, so that they can gain more control over the sector and also so that thye can press us and the military for more money. This is something we cant let happen. Set course for Tattoine yet again, Command. This time we are uprooting the Syndicate.

Mission Objectives are as follows.

Objective A - Secure the Sandcrawler on the Planet and make a forward operations base. Make sure that you prepare a landingzone and also a medical tent for the troopers. Once this is done, proceed to Objective B. (Kill any Resistance at the Sandcrawler, and then make sure that AALs can take off and land and also bring forward medical supplies so that the medics that are on the mission can log and take care of the wounded.)

Objective B - Infiltrate and capture the Syndicate base on the Planet. We have no intel on how many droids and syndicate forces there are on the planet, but you can expect heavy resistance. This is a big supply port for them and loosing this will prive a major blow to the syndicate and disrupt any and all operations they may or may not have in the sector as a whole. (Capture and Interrogate the leader of the Syndicate Forces 1/1. Survive and push through 3/3 waves of enemy forces stationed at the base.)

Objective C - Once the interrogation is done, send up a flare and make sure that the pilots have a safe place to land and that no rebel forces are on the ground nor any AA that can shoot the AALs down. Once this is done, you are clear to leave the planet. (Defend Base while interrogation is going on against 3/3 waves. Make sure that 2 AALs can land and bring people safely back to the Sandcrawler 1/1. Then go into the atmosphere with TIE support and make it back to the Executor 1/1.)

-OOC Information-
This planetary will take place when there is a free slot or when a person who has his day for a planetary and wants to collaborate.

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