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[CW] Rise of The Church of The Grey Blade: Part One, Revenge.

Incoming Transmission From: Republic High Command
Transmission Security Level: **70** Republic Fleet
Transmission Channel: Code Orange: High Command Assignment
Accessing Transmission...
Downloading Transmission...
Transmission Download: 17%
Transmission Download: 32%
Transmission Download: 64%
Transmission Download: 87%
Transmission Download: 94%
Transmission Download Complete
Transmission Received
Attention all fleet officers stationed under the command of Grand Admiral Omalic on the Defiance, High Command has issued your next assignment. Now, as of recent, you have elminated a small Cultist presence within Tatooine, which was only partial success due to the collapse of the local dam, 'The Great Jawa'. This resulted in the flood of the city of 'Nongolia' and the death of 367,000. We understand from the mission report that this was unpreventable, yet a great evil has risen from the ashes after the death of the High Priestess...

The Cultists were only a minor, insignificant threat beforehand, but after the incident, many have flocked to their ranks. From what we can understand, they have elected a Council called the 'The Holy Council' lead by the 'Grand Wizard' who holds an ancient lightsaber known as the 'The Grey Blade'. Their High Priestess had roughly 2000 followers beforehand, now they have more than 500,000 and counting. The Dam incident has sparked something within the Republic's disbelievers and has turned them to the Church of The Grey Blade. If this threat is not pacified before it becomes out of control, this will be on the Grand Admiral's head.

We've recently had horrific reports of entire colonies either being converted or wiped out, and we don't have long. Republic intelligence has informed us that they intend to slaughter the capital city of Nar Shadaar and accompanying them is a member of the Holy Council name 'Chunzaar the 7th'. He attacked your ship recently, he is to be killed on sight as well as all other Cultists under his fist. No prisoners. Attached is the ranking system.

Regards, High Command

Leadership Ranks(Highest to Lowest):
Grand Wizard
Holy Council Member
High Priest
Arch-Bishop of Destiney
Bishop of Destiney
Cardinal of the Light

Infantry Ranks(Highest to Lowest):
Honour Guard
Holy Priest

Eliminate Cultist Presence and Chunzaar the 7th

Provide aid to citizens.
**End Transmission**

-The Planetary will take place on Monday, 28.1.17 at 6PM GMT
-Players will be able to play as event characters in this event.
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