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[CL]Most recent rule update
: Organization Rules(8.10.1, 8.10.2)

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General Rules:
1.1- Do not RDM.
1.2- Do not violate NLR. (5 minutes.)
1.3- Do not VDM.
1.4- Do not RDA.
1.5- Do not commit a crime in spawn(s).
1.6- Do not FailRP.
1.7- Do not abuse jobs - using a Police job to gain an advantage on people.
1.8- Do not Prop Climb.
1.9- Do not Prop Surf.
1.10- Do not Prop (or Rope) Spam.
1.11- Only one mug every 15 minutes - do not mug the same person within 30 minutes.
1.12- Only one raid every 15 minutes - do not raid the same person within 1 hour.
1.13- No erotic-roleplay in public places.
1.14- Do not idle in a job (Quit the job before going idle).
1.15- Do not spam(Chat/Radio comms).
1.16- Do not violate Roleplay Rules.
1.17- Do not prop block.
1.18- FearRP is a rule, which means your RP character senses fear eg. if someone puts a barrel to your head, you can not run away.
1.19- Do not open fire on Police with no actual valid reason.
1.20- You cannot disrupt an arrest unless it is your organisation's Leader.
1.21- You may not break a random player out of jail, only a member of your organization.
1.22- If somebody is trespassing your property, you must warn them to leave and give chance before attacking them.
1.23- Government members must not assist in gang activity.
1.24- Do not interfere with a player who is interacting with something. (ie. mining/banking)
1.25- If you are being raided, you cannot suddenly pickup in-progress drugs.
1.26- Do not abuse a save-zone to avoid combat or a gang action.

Building Rules:
3.1- No KOS or Building signs - you may kill trespassers if they refuse to leave your land or pose a threat.
3.2- You may not use one-way doors.
3.3- You may build outside on YOUR land - nothing crazy or unrealistic, however
3.4- Do not use more that 2 fading doors in one property(All Fading doors must have a button or a keypad).
3.5- Base perimeters may not exceed your land - I.E poking onto the street.
3.6- Do not use crouch-only entrances or access points.
3.7- Do not create holes to shoot through.

Job Rules:
4.1- Mayor: Do not call random warrants, do not call random arrests. Do not steal money from the city bank. Do not Raid. Do not demote someone without a valid reason. The mayor can only grant warranted/wanted if given evidence by a police officer
Secret Service: Do not raid,Do not leave the mayor,they must act on their own accord when protecting the mayor, can order the mayor in emergency situations
4.2- Swat Captain: Do not Raid without permission. Do not give stupid orders e.g. go and get my car,do not call random arrests, raids
4.3- Swat Unit: Obey your Captain, same rules as your captain
4.4- Chief of police: Only raid when backup is there do not be a lone wolf, do not randomly arrest. Same rules apply to all Police Officers
4.5- Paramedic: Only enter a crime scene when the police have given you permission, you cannot patrol the city at any time, must be stationed at a post,if you heal someone and find wounds such as gun shot you must them report it to the police
4.6- Fire Fighter: May not enter a crime scene unless an Officer gives you permission, you may patrol around the city in the fire truck
4.7- Tow Truck driver do not enter a crime scene until given permission off a law enforcement official, you may only charge a tow fee of up 500, do not abuse your repair tool, you must remain in the impound area until called out, you must inform law enforcement officials that are damaged as a result of criminal activity.
4.8- Delivery driver may not run lights.
4.9- Government officials must obey the law.
4.10- A ticket is final, you must pay it inevitably, so drive carefully and abide the Police Officer when receiving one.
4.11- If you're living in an unpaid property, you must not kill people who enter, as this classes as RDM and it is not your property to do so.

Vehicle Rules:
5.1- You may use your vehicle as a weapon if there is an RP reason. For example if someone is a direct threat to you.
5.2- Use the various parking spaces around the map, your vehicle may be towed if not parked properly.
5.3- Watch for pedestrians and break when possible to avoid hitting them.

Combat Rules:
6.1- Only kill those who oppose as a threat to you.
6.2- Medics must NOT revive people while a raid is still occurring.

Police Rules:
7.1- Police may accept bribes at their own risk - accepting bribes can lead to in-game jail time and a temporary ban from the job.
7.2- Police must obey their superiors at all times.
7.3- Police must obey all laws - Police are NOT above citizens.
7.4- Police must make a suspect aware of what laws they have broken, before issuing an arrest or fine.
7.5- Do not place hits.
7.6- Police must keep their weapons holstered, and may not at anytime randomly point it at anyone unless they are watching someone - I.E a suspect about to be handcuffed.
7.7- If the Police were to set up checkpoints, they must be formal, manned, and realistic.

Organization Rules:
8.1- Government jobs may not be part of an organization.
8.2- For organizations to go to war, each organization MUST agree to engage in war - without agreeing to war, KOS should not be in effect and any killing will therefore be treated as RDM.
8.3- Organization wars may only last for an hour max or till the opposing side has fully died out.
8.4- Organizations can not occupy whole areas, and must have one base of operations.
8.5- You may not raid the Police Department if it has been raided in the previous 2 and a half hours.
8.6- You may only have 5 gang members active in 1 action, ie. Raids.
8.7- Organization wars must not be initiated without a full RP reason behind it. (Both gangs most also agree)
8.8- Organizations are capped to only 8 members.
8.9- If another organization is robbing the bank, you may not interfere unless provoked.
8.10- You may only kidnap/kill the mayor if there is a valid reason to do so.
8.10.1- You may only keep a kidnapped player as kidnapped for 20 minutes in order to allow the player to continue with their RP.
8.10.2- Gang actions such as kidnapping/mugging should only occur within an enclosed location.


Power of government officials

§1.1a Right to Arrest-
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and
no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

§1.1b Use of Force-
Law enforcement officers should use only the amount of force necessary to mitigate an incident, make an arrest, or protect themselves or others from harm.
The levels, or continuum, of force police use include basic verbal and physical restraint, less-lethal force, and lethal force.

§1.1c Search Warrants-
A search warrant is a court order that the Mayor issues to authorize law enforcement officers to conduct a search of a person, location, or vehicle for evidence of a crime and to confiscate any evidence they find.

Civil Rights

§2.1a Self Defence-
Any amount of force that is justified may be used by a person if they believe it would prevent damage to their property or possessions, injury, or death.
- Justified self defence falls under the statement of which the victim(you) have been attacked(shot at/towards) and may defend yourself. If you however have not been harmed, you may not fire back.

§2.1b Defence of Others-
Any amount of force that is justified may be used by a person if they believe it would prevent damage to others if they are on your property.

§2.1c Freedom of Speech-
The freedom of speech. You have the right to speak freely without censorship.

§2.2a Large Gatherings-
The freedom of peaceful assembly. You have the right to associate with, organize any groups, gatherings, clubs, or organizations that you wish.

§2.2b Property Compensation-
Eminent domain. The government cannot take your private property without just compensation.


§3.1a License-
You'll need pass your theory before you are illegible to carry a gun, if your licences allows you, you may also sell weapons to others with the correct licence.
Selling weapons to players without the required licence is a criminal offence. Snipers and rifles cannot be legally sold player to player.

§3.1b Carrying firearms-
You may not carry firearms in public, this means you have to store them in your inventory or somewhere safe.

§3.1c Possesion of firearms-
If carrying weapon without a proper license, the weapon will be confiscated and awating a paid fine from the player. With license there will be no fine.

Banned Substances

§4.1a Illegal substances-
Any consumption of illegal substances leading to inappropriate behavior will result in punishment depending on the situation.

4.1b Dealing of illegal substances-
Being in possession of a large amount of illegal substances will be taken as dealing of the given product. This will result in an arrest.
Illegal substances: Any type of drugs. Large quantity of chemicals. Explosive substances.

Vehicular Offenses

§5.1a Vehicle licenses-
Drivers License - If not already passed you'll need to complete your theory before taking your practical test. Points can be added to your licence by police officers if caught on an minor offence. (Speeding etc.)

§5.1b Parking vehicles-
Fines - Leaving your vehicle in restricted areas will make you vulnerable for a ticket/fine in which you will not be able to drive until the ticket is completely paid off.

§5.1c Speeding-
The act or instance of operating a vehicle faster than allowed by law.
Failing to to do so, will lead in a punishment which will be dealt accordingly to the circumstances.

§5.2a Lights-
When encountering a red light, the driver has to comeplete a full stop. Failing to do so will result in punishment.

§5.2b Drive accordingly to the circumstances-
The driver has to follow the instructions of the road markings and the signs when driving.

Possession & Property related crimes

§6.1a Trespassing-
In most cases criminal trespassing is defined as entering or remaining on a premises or property in which one does not have the authorization, license or privilege to do so.
- If the person trespassing refuses to leave your property after being issued MULTIPLE WARNINGS, you may if needed use force to make the person leave your property.

§6.1b Vandalism-
Vandalism is an offense that occurs when a person destroys or defaces someone else's property without permission. Eg breaking a window.

§6.1c Theft-
The term theft is used widely to refer to crimes involving the taking of a person's property without their permission. If caught doing these actions you will be punished accordingly.

Staff Rules:
10.1- All staff are treated like players, so if you break a rule you get a staff warning.
10.2- Before teleporting make sure you either cloak yourself, or make sure that the player is not in RP by spectating them.
10.3- Holster your Physgun or do /cloak while being cloaked. This is to prevent your physgun orb from showing.
10.4- Staff are not allowed to noclip / cloak when in RP, unless they're needed at a case.
10.5- Be respectful and friendly, we treat our players like they are our guests. Not trash. This also counts for fellow staff members.
10.6- STAY SERIOUS AT ALL TIMES. Its called SeriousRP for a reason- this means no random killing of other staff/players, no spawning random bombs, and no random kicks of staff/players either. (Short version - Behave yourself).
10.7- You MUST put a valid ban/kick reason at all times.
10.8- Do not reload the permaprops unless it is actually needed, it's not something that should be a regular occurrence.
10.9- Staff should NOT spawn in anything, including weapons/cars/money/entities for player/self gain.
10.10- As a staff member, you MUST treat your gang members as any other player would be treated
10.11- As a staff member you can not buy VIP cars unless you have purchased VIP.


Rules may change at any time, be sure to keep track on them, and check frequently to avoid confusion on breaking a changed rule, you are expected to be aware of all rules, so "I didn't know it changed" isn't an excuse; any questions that are needed to be asked, contact a moderator or above via our Teamspeak Server ( )
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We hope this helps all of the chaos in Paralake! Smile
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Added rule 4.10 and rule 4.11. (Job rules)
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Added rule extensions (8.10.1 and 8.10.2)
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Added rule 10.11
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