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Calling to all Steam Workshop creators!

                                I have been looking at car that I think would look good on the Vision RP City Life server and I came across a car called the "Renault Trezor" (picture of car will be attached)
Here is some info on the Car:

Top Speed: 250kph / 155mph

0 To 60 (0 to 100kph): 4 seconds

Weight: 1.6 tons (1599 Kg)

Price: 1.5 million

What dealer I think it should go it?

I think it should go in the Non donator category, because if you think about it its not fast at all compared to the other cars ( Bentley Grand Tourer which is 206 mph and I'm not even mentioning the other cars).

This car looks a stunting and I think it would be a good car to replace the koenigsegg since they are the same price. This is only a suggestion I am making but I think It would be a real eye catcher for the server, so when people join for the first time they are drawn back again due to the cool and quite sexy cars Vision has to offer.

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day/night,


P.s also guys google to new for GT that could be a new car to be added!
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