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City Minigames


Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first edition of City RP min-games. I am your host, the friendly Jawa also known as Room Room. In the following lines you can find your toured guide on the attractions:

1. The Parkour Course

[Image: FwajzCA.jpg]

Parkour your way through the difficult obstacles to reach your next challenge!

2. Duck Hunt

[Image: RAwcgvi.jpg]

Pick your rifle and blast those duc...crows!

3. Surf

[Image: iBwG00A.jpg]

Show off your old surfing skills

4. Platform Running

[Image: Q8l24CO.jpg]

Run for your life! Bhop is allowed, things may fall upon you so watch your head!

5. Sport cars racing

[Image: lpGXe6U.jpg]

Follow the red lines and reach the next challenge as fast as possible

6. Spooky water labyrinth

[Image: mRJRHnC.jpg]

Find your way through the water labyrinth and be careful scary things may hide inside it

7. Climb the truck

[Image: I04iBGi.jpg]

Simple as that, climb the truck !

8. Arena

[Image: EZ17hK1.jpg]

Finish off your opponent in an ultimate pistol showdown. Don't forget to return the pistols back to whoever gives them out!

8. Vision got talent

[Image: gawN22T.jpg]

Show off your best talent in the 2nd edition of Vision got talent

The mini-games will be available for the whole week till Sunday on prime times, waiting for you to have fun and a good time! But this is not the end of it. There will be prizes but the prizes will be given out only once, in the day in which the most players will show up for the event!

1ST place will receive the standard VIP package for city $
2ND place will receive 600.000 $
3RD place will receive 300.000 $

Shout out to @ArrayZ, @Crossen, @PR3D4T0R, @Matt and @NinjaLabs for helping with the building and organisation

See you there!
~Room Room

[Image: fcAWrzK.gif]
[Image: bOYR9ih.gif]

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