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Poll: Rishi Moon or Venator?
This poll is closed.
New Venator
38 79.17%
Old Venator
3 6.25%
Rishi Moon
7 14.58%
Total 48 vote(s) 100%
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*NEW* Venator or Rishi Moon Vote!

I bumped your mom in the night! B U M P!
187th CC 1457 Vaw

Ex- 212th Commander Cody (RFV: Resigned)
Ex- ARC Comp 2 CO Hammer (RFV: The Purge)
Ex - 442nd LT Hammer (RFV: Left and became 212th CO)
Ex - 187th CMC Vaw (RFV: Left of own accord)
Ex - 327th CC Bly (RFV: Left of own accord due to ALOT of reasons)

[Image: qmIbUIO.png]
Alright, I'm Reporting everyone ;~;
Is my city.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
B U M P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grand Master Yoda
New venator looks kinda nice and all but some of the shit that's being done with it i really don't want.
Evil loli best loli

[Image: giphy.gif]
Man the dont think about the rest they only care about the money the get form you then you get a bteer spot in the rank and get be be a snowfalke and you get a btter bunk oh wait i should get also a bigger cus i also paid for DU .
DU SCC 8003 Doom
Bump, the vote will be counted up later today! make your vote count!
Grand Master Yoda
Thread closed, we are staying on the NEW venator!

Thank you all for your votes and opinions!

- Vision Roleplay Staff Team

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