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[EVENT] 28/09/2017 18:45 GMT - A Bad Day On The Venator

A Bad Day On The Venator

The Republic Receive a Encrypted Transmission message from a nearby Republic Prisoner Vessel asking to land and stay for a short while their ship is being repaired their Prisoners Include 2 Force Sensitives of unknown origins and a Citizen of the Mos Mesric.

The Visitors are transported to the brig and Guarded with a Small Squad of Clone Guards, There is a strange noise coming from the Brig and a Burst of Smoke Appears and they have disappeared, They appear on floor 3 and  have Managed to infiltrate the fleet bunks and kidnap a Well Respected member of the fleet.

They have the member of fleet and the ships repaired and they manage to escape the system, however the We managed to place a tracker on the ship,we managed to trace it to the city of Mos Mesric the system shows that this planet is currently in the hands of the CIS Fleet.

Objective Alpha: Scout the City, 

Objective Bravo: Clear the Enemy Forces on in the City

Objective Charlie: Find the Member of Fleet, Escort him back to LZ

Objective Delta(Optional): Find the Artifacts the CIS Bandits have stolen across the city

NOTE: The Events Leading up to the kidnap and escape will not be hostile it will be done in stealth
Mos Mesric is a city
[Image: WgBhsFr.gif]

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